We're more than just another operations & maintenance company.

We conduct a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your existing equipment and other related operational & management assets to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and also help uncover the cause of current or potential problems!

Services we offer

Preventive Services

Scheduled inspections & maintenance within an agreed time where our team handles preventive maintenance services

Predictive Services

Using monitoring technology, we assess expected failure points and deploy our team to address them proactively, before failure occurs

Expedited Services

We move your request to the head of the line and respond with the next available team

Corrective Services

We address your complaint as and when it occurs, based on fix-when-fail approach

Emergency Call-Out Services

We dispatch our team & resources immediately that may be readily available or operating in the same area at that time

Services Portfolio

Our specialists & technical experts have a collective practical experience of over 70+ years!

Electrical System

Low voltage Main Distribution Panel (LVN-DP)

Lighting Systems

Electrical Devices

Plumbing System

Water supply & sanitary fixtures

Waste traps & drainage systems

HVAC-R System

Air conditioning systems (window, split, package, high-wall units type AC)

Cold rooms- chiller / freezer

Machinery & Equipment

General inspection procedure for PM

Cold machine lines- Ice maker machine, chillers, refrigerators, freezers, juice machines, ice cream machines and more

Hot machine lines- coffee, tea, espresso machine, oven, fermentation, microwave, fryer machines, Cooking ranges and others

Food preparation machines & other kitchen equipment’s- dough mixer, coffee grinder, dishwashers and more

Low Current System


Access control system- fingerprint readers, walk through machines, revolving doors


Public Address (PA) System

Video / Audio Intercom system

Civil & Finishing Works

Carpentry & Wood Works

Tiles & Marbles

Concrete Works

Paint works

Pest Control & Sanitization Services

Management of stored product pests

General pest control treatment of common household pests
Rodent control

Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Hood degreasing & scrubbing

The unwavering reliability, safety & efficiency of Expert Solution services is ensured by our stringent quality control and rigorous training of our personnels